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Jeff James Albums


     1 in 8 children in Haiti will die before their fifth birthday from curable or treatable diseases—many of which are caused by dirty or unsafe drinking water. Buying Jeff James CD's will help provide free water to people living in Cite Soleil, the poorest slum in the western hemisphere,

     Founded in 2007, Healing Haiti is delivering fresh water, bucket by bucket to thousands of families each day, six days a week, without charge... people who have no electricity, no toilets and no running water. Healing Haiti runs two water trucks that deliver 63,000 gallons of chlorinated water every week.

     A total of 10 CD's bought will purchase an entire water truckload (3500 gallons)


CD Purchase Choices - Includes Free Digital Download!

  1. Folsom Prison Blues

  2. Go One Home

  3. Ain't No Sunshine

  4. Walk on Water

  5. All Along the Watchtower

  6. Dancing in My Mind

  7. Looking Glass

  8. Mississippi Red

  9. Everyday I Have the Blues

  10. Play Something Good

©2019 Play Something Good - Live


CD Purchase Choices - Includes Free Digital Download!

  1. Take it Easy (Live at Glacial Ridge Winery)

  2. All the People Said Amen (Live at Glacial Ridge Winery)

  3. Texas Flood (Live at Glacial Ridge Winery)

  4. Sultans of Swing (Live at Glacial Ridge Winery)

  5. Purple Rain (Live at Glacial Ridge Winery)

  6. Folsom Prison Blues (Live at O’Neil’s)

  7. Blackbird (Live at O’Neil’s)

  8. Play Something Good (Live at O’Neil’s)

  9. Rocket Man (Live at O’Neil’s)

  10. She Believes in Me (Live at O’Neil’s)

  11. Leaving October (Live at O’Neil’s)

  12. Marry Me (Live at O’Neil’s)

  13. Knee Deep (Live at O’Neil’s)

  14. Gravity (Live at O’Neil’s)

  15. Brown Eyed Girl (Live at O’Neil’s)

  16. Piano Man (Live at O’Neil’s)

©2019 Play Something Good - Live


CD Purchase

  1. Gonna Get Over You

  2. A Place That She Called Home

  3. Company

  4. Old Ben

  5. Mississippi Red (View Video Now!)

  6. Eye of the Hurricane

  7. Love Jenny

  8. Before You Accuse Me

  9. Rosa (Tribute to Rosa Parks)

  10. Walkin’ Blues

  11. The Janitor

  12. That Girl

  13. Lost Connection

  14. Leader of the Band

  15. Warm Water

  16. Blaine the Mono

  17. You Can Call Me Al

©2013 Live and Loopless

©2004 Two Hands

©1999 Life's Song

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